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Quarterback Matt Ryan is a big reason the team is losing so many games.

Youth Luis Gonzalez Jersey It’s all frankly misogynistic and weirdly angry about some things it only barely engages; it’s also hilariously tetchy and peevish and sensitive about the rising tide of “ultra-feminine sensitivity” in sports. Or something. It’s hard to know, really, what all Bruce is even on about — it has the same pissy tenor and breathless ranting rhythm of conservative talk radio, and has the same Imaginary Thing Under Assault From Without narrative, but it’s as puzzled as it is puzzling. It’s a man killing clock on a four-hour radio show in about the most brutish way possible, mostly, and showing his pale ass in the process. It seems a reasonable guess that Bruce, for all the wild energy of his performance, doesn’t care about women or their influence or Jonathan Martin or that poor martyred rage-steak Incognito. He’s talking to himself, and finally talking about talking-to-himself.
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And it’s offensive, of course, mostly and finally because of how stupid and wrong and small it all is. It’s insulting, too, that someone who knows and cares so little about any of the things that make being a fan or being alive so good should feel entitled to make so much noise about it.

The fact that they’re the home team is about all that’s going right at this point for the Falcons. Seattle’s lone loss came on the road against the Indianapolis Colts, and not having to play in Seattle and deal with that atmosphere is always a great thing.

Quarterback Matt Ryan is a big reason the team is losing so many games. He’s been outright bad this season, and has thrown seven interceptions in his last two games. Ryan went 20-for-27 for 219 yards and a touchdown against the Carolina Panthers, but also had three interceptions, including a pick six.

His group of receivers is depleted, as well. Julio Jones is out for the season, and Roddy White, who has a penchant for playing through injuries, is returning from injuries to his ankle and hamstring. It could be a mess on offense.