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Lonzo Ball throws back-to-back incredible full-court assists in Summer League game

Lonzo Ball was back with the Lakers on Wednesday night after missing the previous Summer League game against the Kings. Ball came out strong against the Sixers, throwing two incredible back-to-back assists.

Both of these plays are just fantastic outlet passes. His court vision and willingness to pass the ball have not been overstated. If he is able to continue to do this in the regular season, the Lakers have a promising future.

Game Kids Adrian Peterson Jersey The question we had before us this summer was how the league would react to the Golden State Warriors. Would teams simply pack it in and keep their proverbial powder dry for another day, or meet the challenge head on and deal with it on its own terms?

We got our answer even before the NBA free agency bazaar opened for business, when Chris Paul surveyed the scene and engineered a trade to Houston. This was a savvy move by the Point God. Not only did he wind up in his preferred destination, he also brought his Bird Rights with him. That leaves open the possibility of a major extension in his new home, and that, my friends, is the personification of player power.

Michael Hutchinson Game Jersey No doubt Paul could have re-upped with the Clippers for the max had he wanted, or found a full list of suitors in free agency. But look at the market he left behind. With few viable options, the deep point guard class of 2017 was left scrambling for jobs and favorable terms. The Spurs never entered into the bidding and if you think the president of the players’ union was taking a discount at this stage of his career 鈥?well, no. He wasn’t. Nor should he.