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The Dodgers aren’t built on short rest anymore.

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Scream it to the heavens, because that’s all they really needed. They might get to the seventh game of the World Series and decide that Kershaw on three days’ rest is the best choice, or they might bumgarner him into the game in a relief capacity, but that’ll be different. That’s a team making unorthodox decisions because it might help it win. It’s not a team continually trying the same strategy over and over again because it has to work eventually.

While Darvish is an exciting acquisition, it’s still worth tempering the expectations just a little. He’s not having the season that Greinke was having years ago, so the Dodgers aren’t heading into the postseason with the best 1-2 punch they’ve ever had. He isn’t having his strongest season. And Willie Calhoun is a mighty fine prospect who should thrill the Rangers for years.

But the Dodgers finally got the best starting pitcher available, four deadlines after the new ownership sent a very expensive message to the loyal fans. The Dodgers know as well as any team in baseball that October offers no guarantees and that the postseason sprays like a territorial cat all over the house when it smells confidence on a team. All they can do is assemble the best roster possible with the best players available.
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There’s no sense of cheer and goodwill to share after a rousing NLDS victory — not unless it comes with the natural follow-up of winning the NLCS and World Series. There won’t be an at-least-you-gave-us-a-great-season standing ovation if they’re eliminated from the postseason this year. The Dodgers are World Series-or-bust like no team in baseball, with the exception of maybe the Yankees.