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2018 Stanley Cup odds: McDavid, Oilers gaining on Crosby, Penguins

The 2018 Stanley Cup will not be contested for another ten months, but Westgate listed its odds to win Lord Stanley’s chalice and, not surprisingly, the two-time defending Cup champion Penguins are favored for a three-peat. Breathing right down the necks of Sidney Crosby and Company are the Oilers, already a sexy Cup pick, ranked right behind the Penguins.

Authentic Mens Joel Bitonio Jersey In typical Gronk fashion, he elected not to drop, but forcefully spike the puck.

Gronkowski has battled injuries throughout his NFL career. When healthy, however, he has been a star for New England. He’s totaled 10 or more touchdowns in five of his seven NFL seasons and racked-up 6,095 career receiving yards.

Cassidy also said that the Patriots offensive linemen could potentially fill a role for the Bruins, and so could wide receiver Julian Edelman.

it would be interesting to see if [Edelman] could be a goal scorer, Cassidy said to ESPN. It seems like he has the talent to play a lot of different positions. He competes hard in those dirty areas. He might have a little [Brad] Marchand in him.

Mens Matt Martin Jersey Marchand was one of the NHL’s top goal scorers in 2016-17, potting 39. Of the football-hockey crossovers, Marchand has drawn more comparisons to Gronkowski thanks to both player’s propensity to celebrate championships their respective teams have won.

As an aside, most of the dialogue from the Mighty Ducks trilogy has not held up well. The third movie, where the kids go to a prep school and have all of their offensive creativity drilled out of them by a defensive-minded coach does feel like it would fit right in as a movie about hockey in 2015 though.