The Patriots’ undefeated streak started in federal court, continued in Dallas

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The NFL’s unbeaten teams stayed that way this weekend, keeping things top heavy in a parity-driven league.

The Patriots rolled over the Cowboys behind another efficient day from Tom Brady. Despite an uncharacteristic three-turnover day from Aaron Rodgers, the Packers held off a tough Rams squad. The Falcons got a walkoff pick-six in overtime from Robert Alford to get by Washington. Chris Harris’ pick-six helped the Broncos escape Oakland with a win.

Now it looks like OBJ strained his hamstring and it looks like the only dance he’ll be doing for the next couple weeks is the can’t-can’t.

But it makes you wonder about the underlying cause behind all of Beckhams very public and very flashy injuries. You dont see other wide recevers spending as much time in the training room as the practice field, and I think I know what it is.

You can bet the coaching staff is starting to take notice as well. Tom Coughlin has danced twice in his life- the first 16 bars of Randy Travis at his daughters wedding, and when he was fired from the Jaguars. He knows theres no place for it in a NFL room- he’d rather you focus more on getting your hamstring loose then footloose. If he wants to save his season and his job, Coach needs to sit Beckhams ass down and remind him highlights that matter are earned in the film room son, not the barber shop.

Ellington has been recovering from a low-grade sprain of the PCL, which typically takes a month or less for a full recovery, placing this one at the upper end of that range. Ellington will likely back up Chris Johnson as he gets back to speed.

The crediblity of the league is of the utmost importance and any allegations of underhandedness should be investigated immedately which is why I’ve taken the unprecendented measure of blocking Andy Dalton for the good of the game.
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