The NFL had no comment beyond providing a copy of the applicable policy

When, at the end of our conversation, I asked Brian if I could share his story, I told him I was happy to either leave it be, or change any details he wanted if he didn’t want it to become public. I told him to discuss with Ashley and get back to me, no pressure either way.

Elite Kids Frank Zombo Jersey In a follow-up note, he wrote, “I initially wrote to you because I just wanted to say thanks. I know you get a lot of criticism from people via Twitter or email or what have you when your picks ‘miss,’ but I hope you don’t let that bother you and continue to do what you do.

“I am thankful that you, Field, Stephania, Daniel and the entire FF Now Sunday crew help me ‘escape’ and give me something fun to look forward to and enjoy with my wife and my friends. But when you reached out and wanted to write about it, we decided to go public to try and pay it forward.

Mike Pereira’s book, published in September 2016, digs into his life as an official and as the NFL’s former vice president of officiating.
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The NFL had no comment beyond providing a copy of the applicable policy, one that allows minimal interaction on game administration but not on the type of every-down decisions that Pereira said have been affected.

To be clear, it’s a big deal for a credible and respected former executive to charge that the league is breaking its own rules — even for an ultimately noble cause. Pereira said his theory is based on both his own observations and discussions with replay officials he maintains personal relationships with.

Just the opposite, actually. Traveling on a short week is never ideal, especially when you’ve just fired your coach and when you are heading to one of the toughest places to play in the NFL against a team that just got embarrassed by the Packers.

That’s what the Rams are up against. They have allowed a RB rushing touchdown in three straight games and during the past five weeks they have allowed 4.96 yards per carry (third most in the NFL) and 645 rushing yards (fourth most). Rawls should bounce back here with a strong performance.

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