Colts shuffle roster with moves in secondary

Trey Griffey working on making the Steelers, with support from his dad

Steelers receiver Trey Griffey has been asked a million times why he plays football instead of baseball.

My dad always told me, ‘I want to be known as Trey Griffey’s dad. I had my time when I was playing.’ That’s something that, when you hear that from your dad, you’re like, ‘Wow.’ With his track record, all of the awards and going to the Hall of Fame, for him to say something like that is amazing, Trey Griffey said.

Sounds like Trey has a dad who’s proud of him for following his dream, whether he makes the Steelers or not.

We’re trying to stand for something and you’re going to single us out in front of everybody. You talk about bullying, man. That’s bullying. That’s my opinion.

Burns sees the entire issue as many do — an effort to further divide a country that’s already so divided that it’s essentially two distinct countries whose residents are intermingled.

I feel that’s just a topic to get everybody against each other, Burns said. I hate that we have to go down this route but it is what it is.

Burns eventually cut off the topic, explaining that it was making him too angry. As players have a chance over the coming three-day weekend to further process what the owners have done, maybe even more of them will be angry come Tuesday, when they return to voluntary offseason work.

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