The Jets went into the season knowing they had a lot riding on their 30-and-over group

Lack of playmakers on defense: One of the key elements to the Jets’ success last season was the number of takeaways by the defense — a total of 30, almost two per game. It was a huge help for the offense, creating short fields. It wasn’t the fastest defense, but it was aggressive, smart and relentless. This season, it’s probably a faster group, especially at linebacker, but the results aren’t there — a mere nine takeaways. This defense couldn’t find the football if you wrapped it in neon lights. Some of it falls on the defensive line, which hasn’t lived Jaye Howard Authentic Womens Jersey up to the hype. This means you, Sheldon Richardson and Muhammad Wilkerson.

The old guys are hurt or ineffective (or both): The Jets went into the season knowing they had a lot riding on their 30-and-over group. Truth be told, it’s the guts of the team — Fitzpatrick, Mangold, Marshall, Ryan Clady, Matt Forte, David Harris and Darrelle Revis.

Of this group, only Forte and Harris are performing up to expectations. Revis and Fitzpatrick have slipped significantly, Clady suffered a season-ending shoulder injury, Mangold got banged up, and Marshall, playing on a bum foot, hasn’t been nearly as dynamic as last season. Decker is shy of 30, but his injury has been devastating to the offense, especially Fitzpatrick.

It’s OK to have older players, but they can’t be the foundation of the team. This is a flaw in the makeup of the roster.

Matthew Stafford and the Lions have come from behind in all seven of their wins.

“Our group plays loose and aggressive. That’s kind of how we try to keep it,” Lions Jeremy Maclin Authentic Womens Jersey coach Jim Caldwell said. “You can’t play a ballgame uptight. They don’t get uptight, even at the end of ballgames. In tough situations that are fairly tough for the most part and can be a little bit uncomfortable, it does not bother them.

“They’ve been in it. They find a way. They believe in one another, and they keep trying to find a way to win.”

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