Things We Love About The Warriors: Athlete activism

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Authentic Nicklas Lidstrom Jersey Things We Love About The Warriors is a summer series focused on traits we admire about the team as a whole, or individual players, that extend beyond the boundaries of the court.

All those things have to be worked out by the smart people in the NBA before any expansion could be approved. We at SB Nation don’t have those same limitations, and we also know that there’s one especially fun thing about the process: The Expansion Draft.

The concept is simple: all 30 teams can protect eight players off their roster, and the two expansion teams (it might just be one, but we’re going with two because it’s more fun) can pick from the remaining pool. They’d also get a top draft pick, but that’s not a major factor for this exercise.

(In reality, teams often work out trades and deals in advance of an expansion draft, like the story of a 2004 trade that allowed the Suns to sign Steve Nash. We’ll keep this process simple, though, and not worry about deals like that.)

What did the Suns do with their newfound cap space? They signed a 30-year-old Steve Nash. Nash won the next two NBA MVP awards, the Suns went to the next two Western Conference Finals, and the team changed basketball forever.

There are three major issues that the NBA must figure out before seriously considering expansion team bids. (Of course, we’re probably still a few years away from even seeing that happen.) Tim Cato breaks down those three topics, and also highlights one common problem that’s brought up but really isn’t a problem at all.

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