Dak Prescott has nothing left to prove to Cowboys in playoffs

Dak Prescott has passed every possible test during his rookie season with the Cowboys. Don’t expect the quarterback to suddenly fail his first NFL playoff exam.

Let’s get this out of the way: If Dallas goes one-and-done as the NFC top seed in Sunday’s divisional playoff game vs. Green Bay, it won’t be because it’s quarterback didn’t play well. It will be because it’s defense let Aaron Rodgers have a bigger game than his QB counterpart.

But the Giants have showed signs they’re at least willing to consider folding in some younger talent to an aging roster in order to give their club a boost. They gave Christian Arroyo, their top hitting prospect, a month-long audition in the majors before sending him back down this weekend. They called up Austin Slater, one of their better hitting prospects, and gave him time in the outfield this weekend to see if he could spark their moribund offense.

They’ve promoted power-hitting prospect Chris Shaw to Triple-A and moved him to the outfield, likely increasing the chances he makes it to San Francisco this year. There are a number of young pitchers, such as Kyle Crick and Reyes Moronta, who look increasingly ready to make the jump to the majors soon.

The way the major league roster is constructed may prevent a full-on youth movement, and the Giants don’t have the kind of blue chip system that lends it’self to that kind of roster reset, anyway. But it’s a system with some depth to it, with quality players that the Giants may feel are good enough to complement their aging stars for another playoff run next year if they feel this season is a lost cause. vikings_075

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