Why this Russell Westbrook pass is his most magical MVP movement

Russell Westbrook pulled off the pass of the season in the Thunder¡¯s huge win over the Raptors on Thursday. In fact, it might be more than the pass of the season. This might have been the best pass in the past several seasons. We¡¯ll need to let the pass stand on its own feet for a little while, but someday we might look back and say: lo, that was the greatest pass ever.

Cross-court passes in the open court are dangerous. Make a bounce pass and you¡¯re slowing it down and introducing opportunity for disruption. Do all of that in traffic and you are begging for the ball to be kicked or deflected. Trying to weave an accurate pass that distance amid a tangle of waving arms and churning legs is insanely difficult.

Because nothing is ever storybook, there¡¯s also this: Mark Davis is still trying to move the Raiders to Las Vegas, and all indications are that it will happen. And because both sides have to get something out of a deal, the Raiders likely see this as a PR move, a way to sell tickets, and keeping fans at bay as a bridge to leaving. The Raiders would give Lynch the opportunity to play at home, but it¡¯s still against an unseemly backdrop of relocation.
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There¡¯s a lot of questions to be answered here, the biggest of which is if Lynch wants to, or is even ready to, play. But if there¡¯s a chance ¡ª and, c¡¯mon, did you really think he¡¯d disappear that easily ¡ª Oakland is it. Lynch can stay home, play in front of family, and finish his career, while making a few extra dollars, in the place where he¡¯s most comfortable.
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One more chance to see Marshawn Lynch run defenders over, this time in his own city, is too tantalizing to pass up.

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